La Cittadella.

Plan the future. Recover the past.

The idea.

Fusio, at the top of Val Lavizzara, with its 1280 metres above sea level is the highest village of the valley. Every stone echoes the work of past generations. The history of men able to live a harmonious relationship between people, nature and territory. A dimension that unfortunately our today’s society has completely lost. Here takes shape an ambitious historical and technological project: to reconstruct respecting the previous urban organisation of the oldest part of the village core, the citadel, to make it habitable again. An intervention of recovery, a sort of ‘step back in the future’, so that old houses can become new with spaces for culture and entertainment, equipped with telecommunication services and progressive technologies. This means to transform Fusio into an ideal place, not only to collect oneself from today’s frenetic rhythms, but also for those who, thanks to the quiet beauty of a rural civilisation, look for new incentives to go on working and creating, yet keeping contact with the whole world.

At present, the study of architect Giovan Luigi Dazio is devoting itself to the development and the realization of this sought-after telematic project concerning private residences (or other projects depending on partner interest), which are very important from an architectural point of view since they combine the past and the present and are of enormous historical and artistic interest, as well as cultural and entertainment infrastructures for touristic, technological and commercial activities.

To reach these objectives and for the future management of these infrastructures, new partners, interested in sharing this experience are being sought.

A unique challenge in a context as extreme as it is fascinating.
The projects have already been authorized.

Arch. Giovan Luigi DAZIO

"The object I propose to myself is to plan the future reconstructing the past, yet without being prisoner of rusty nostalgias."

My specialisations are the preservation, restructuring and recovery of the historical and architectonic patrimony. Since 1978 I have been carrying on as a professional an activity in Ticino in the research and the requalification of mountain and suburban landscapes. My work consists of bringing back to life those buildings that unfortunately are reduced to ruins by the relentless constant erosion of time, as well as by people’s carelessness. At present I am engaged in the recovery of a whole agglomeration of civil and rural mountain habitations.

Who's behind.
The place.
Fusio, in Val Lavizzara. Nature, sport, relax, mountain, holiday. A mix of pure feelings. Everything concentrated on top of Swiss Alps.
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